Melody at dr

Having a blast at first in the waiting area on the comfy couch… Then came time for well check and HPV shot (bash me all you want, I’m doing this for my daughter!) She wasnt happy afterwards her arm was sore… But onto happiness and new adventures. I love you Melody! ♡♡♡

It’t that time of year again!

The time of year where Melody ( and used to be the big kids when they were younger) will decorate a Gingerbread House. Last year she did this at Tom Thumb, this year we are doing it at home. She’s going to be so excited! This is a big tradition for her, that she remindsContinue reading “It’t that time of year again!”


We went to the dr today because she wasn’t any better. Found out she has a virus and is to rest another day.  Poor baby girl is always so scared of the dr.  They gave her a stuffed dog for her b- day. Off to baby the sweetie and greet done math done! Tenaya